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7"s -
BURIALKULT "Evil antichrist hordes" - Blood Harvest
HATESPAWN / CHARON split - Sepulchral Voice
IMPURE WORSHIP "s/t" - band/Nuclear Winter
KULTO MALDITO "En la guerra kon el diablo" - Chalice Of Blood Angel
MEGASCAVENGER "Songs of flesh (part I)" - Selfmadegod
MORBID FUNERAL "Lord of demons" - Legion Of Death
THORNS OF HATE "Heretical dawn of apocalypse" - Blood Harvest

LPs - 
ACROSTICHON "Engraved in black" - Doomentia 
"Watcher's reign" DLP - Iron Bonehead 
BANISHED FROM INFERNO "Minotaur" - Black Mass  
BLACK VUL DESTRUKTOR "Beyond time and portals of death" - Blood Harvest 
BLESSED OFFAL "Dreaming dark dementia" - Blood Harvest
BOTTOM FEEDER "Grinding teeth" - Raw Birth/Crucificados 
CTHONIC AURA "Abyssic reflections in slumber" - Me Saco Un Ojo 
COITUS DIABOLI "Attakking Jehovah" - Chalice Of Blood Angel 
DEMONS GATE "s/t" - Iron Bonehead 
DRAWN AND QUARTERED "Feeding hell's furnace" - Nuclear Winter
DYING EMBRACE "Era of tribulation" - Armée De La Mort 
ECTOVOID "Fractured in the timeless abyss" - Blood Harvest 
EREBUS ENTHRONED / BLAZE OF PERDITION ‎"Accession of fire" split 10" - Pagan 
FALLEN ANGEL "Demo 92/92" - Serpent Pulse (black vinyl) 
FALLEN ANGEL "Demo 92/92" - Serpent Pulse (clear vinyl)
FALSE PROPHET "Second death" - DLP - Blood Harvest
GENERAL SURGERY "A collection of depravation" DLP - FDA
GOREPHILIA "Embodiment of death" - Me Saco Un Ojo 
GRAVE "Exhumed" DLP - Animate
HADES ARCHER "The curse over mankind" - Blood Harvest 
IMPRECATION "Satanae tenebris infinita" - Dark Descent 
IGNIVOMOUS "Contragenesis" - Nuclear War Now
INFERNAL CURSE "Awakening of the damned" - Chalice Of Blood Angel 
INIQUITY "Entering deception / Promo 93" - Serpent Pulse (black vinyl) 
INIQUITY "Entering deception / Promo 93" - Serpent Pulse (swirl vinyl) 
INSANE "Interment of life" - Bifrost 
KETZER "Endzeit Metropolis" - Iron Bonehead 
KILL "No catharsis" - Burning Churches/Obscure Abhorrence 
KRATHERION "Necrouroboros XXXIII" - Blood Harvest 
LANTERN "Below" - Dark Descent  
LIE IN RUINS "Swallowed by the void" - Nuclear Winter
LOBOTOMIZED "Norwegian trash - AER
MASTER OF CRUELTY "Spit on the holy grail" - Blood Harvest
MORDBRAND / BOMBS OF HADES split 10" - Bifrost/Carnal 
MYSTIFIER "The world is so good that who made it doesn't live here" - Iron Bonehead/NWN
NECROHOLOCAUST / SATANIK GOAT RITUAL split 10” - Chalice Of Blood Angel
NECROMANCY "Ananta aradhana" - Psychedelic Lotus
NECROSADIST "Abstract Satan" - Blood Harvest
NECROSEMEN "And all shall be smitten by fyre" - Blood Harvest 
NECROVATION "Ovations to putrefaction" - Serpent Pulse
NOCTURNAL VOMIT "Cursed relics" - Imperium/Terror From Hel
OGDRU JAHAD "I" - Iron Bonehead 
ORATOR "Kapalgnosis" - Armée De La Mort 
POISONOUS "Perdition's den" - Blood Harvest
RAZOR OF OCCAM "Homage to martyrs" - Iron Bonehead 
REVOLTING "In grisly rapture" - FDA 
ROTTING CHRIST "Pasage to Arcturo" - Floga 
SADOGOAT "Cultus capriea ebrositatis" DLP - Ancient Darkness
SAMAEL "Blood ritual" - Floga 
SANGUIS IMPEREM "In glory we march towards our doom" - Hells Headbangers/Iron Bonehead 
SEPULCRAL "Anthropophagy of doom" - Terror From Hell/Unholy Domain
SEPULCHRAL TEMPLE "s/t" one sided 12"  - Iron Bonehead
SERPENT ASCENDING "The enigma unsettled" - Blood Harvest 
SHROUD OF THE HERETIC "s/t" - Blood Harvest 
SODOMIZER "More horror and death" - Iron Bonehead
TEITANFYRE "Morbid death's sceptre" - Blood Harvest
TEMPLE BELOW "Dies irae" - Blood Harvest
TERRORIZER "Hordes of zombies" LP/flexi 7" - Animate
THRONEUM "Death throne entities" - Pagan

THRONEUM "Mutiny if death" - Pagan
TYRANT GOATGALDRAKONA "Sign of Moloch" -  Blood Harvest
UNHOLY LUST "Taste the sin through the fire" -  Blood Harvest
UNLEASHED "Viking raids" DLP - Animate 
USIPIAN "Dead corner of the eye" - Serpent Pulse (black vinyl)
USIPIAN "Dead corner of the eye" - Serpent Pulse (yellow vinyl)
WEAPON "From the Devil's tomb" DLP - Agonia
"Sun of Moloch" - Nuclear War Now 
"Empyreal regimes" - Blood Harvest
ÆVANGELIST "De masticatione mortuorum in tumulis" DLP - Blood Harvest
V/A - BEER EXTERMINATION CAMP - Iron Bonehead (feat. Baphomet's Blood, Deiphago, Nocturnal, Blasphemophagher etc)

ALTARS / HEAVING EARTH split - Nihilistic Holocaust
CENTINEX "Malleus maleficarum" - Nucler Winter
CURSE "Spawn of hatred " - Bifrost
DEMONIC OATH "Crypt of mournful summoning" - Impious Desecration  
DIBOLICAL MESSIAH "Diabolical attack" - Unholy Domain 
EXTRAKT "Extreme brutality - Bifrost
INSANE "Hollow death " - Bifrost
MALICIOUS "Mental illness" - Me Saco Un Ojo  
MASADA "Hideous rot" - Serpent Eve
RAGING STEEL "Necromancer" - Bifrost
REVERIE "First reverie" - Serpent Pulse
WITCH BLADE "s/t" - Bifrost
WÜRM'S TONGUE "Fungi from Yuggoth" - Silver Key
V/A - THROUGH THE GATE OF THE SILVER KEY - Silver Key/Phlegm (feat. Fallen Angel, Offerkult, Luciation etc)

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