Thursday, June 20, 2013

Friday, June 14, 2013

REVERIE "First Reverie" MC OUT NOW!

Also fresh out is the -

SP-MC02 - REVERIE "First Reverie" MC

4 tracks of in your face Copenhagen Death Metal aggression.
Pro printed tapes. Limited edition!

Look out for REVERIE @ the Kill Town Death Fest in August!

Demo tape - 4€
wholesale (5 copies minimum) - 2.75€

- exluding postage.

INIQUITY "Entering Deception / Promo 93" LP OUT NOW!

...after what seems an aeon - and a hostage-like situation with the pressing plant, we finally have copies of the
INIQUITY "Entering deception / Promo 93" LP in our hands.

This LP compiles 2 tape releases, the very beginning of one of the most noteworthy Danish Death Metal bands of the early to mid 90ies.
The A side features the 1992 demo "Entering deception" with one of the early line ups.
This is raw murky Death Metal with hints of (death)thrash. Along the lines of Massacra or early Bolt Thrower.
(not our upload)

The B side features the promo from 1993 with the line up that would go on to record the "Serenadium" full length, adding keyboard for extra gloomy atmosphere.
This is some brutal and technical DM and should appeal to fans of early Gorguts and Nocturnus etc.
(not our upload)

Both tapes have been carefully mastered to vinyl by Jeppe Hasseriis.
The LP features artwork by Phoebus A.D. Moreléon (
- reworking the initial idea for the promo tape.

Limited black/white swirl - 13€
Black wax - 12€
wholesale (5 copies minimum) - 7€

- all exluding postage.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

MC02 - REVERIE "First Reverie" demo

The REVERIE "First Reverie" demo has been sent to press and should be here by mid May.

The tape contains 4 tracks of uptempo Copenhagen Death Metal with loads of potential.....
For fans of early Morbid Angel/Necrovore etc.



The test press for the INIQUITY "Entering Deception / Promo 93" LP has been approved and should be with us within the next few weeks.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

SULPHUROUS t-shirt available

Limited logo t-shirts available:

Printed on Gildan shirts. Available in S-M-L-XL
12€ + postage....

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

SULPHUROUS "Demo XII" out now!


Dark Copenhagen Death Metal inspired by classic US bands such as Incantation, Deicide and Morbid Angel.
2 track demonstration of what's to come. Pro-tape edition of 200 copies.

- New drummer R. has now started rehearsing with the band for live desecrations and a new recording....

4€ + postage.....

Available at / en route to:
Analog Worship (us)
Blood Harvest (swe)
Dark Descent (us)
Extremely Rotten (dk)
Impious Desecration (f)
Iron Bonehead (de)
Me Saco Un Ojo (uk)
Nuclear Winter (gr)
Repo Man (dk)
Rising Beast (us)
Rock Uglen (dk)
Unholy Domain (i)

Also available:

#03 NECROVATION "Ovations to putrefaction" 12" repress
Available again this time on grey wax. Replacement covers/inner sleeves for the crushed copies of the initial pressing has also arrived - specify what colour you want.

A few copies of the limited purple wax are also still available due to non payers....first come first serve!

- Limited trades are still possible.