Sunday, November 13, 2011


Ignore the date on this post - I will update the list whenever....(April 1st)

7"s -
BURIALKULT "Evil antichrist hordes" - Blood Harvest
HATESPAWN / CHARON split - Sepulchral Voice
IMPURE WORSHIP "s/t" - band/Nuclear Winter
KULTO MALDITO "En la guerra kon el diablo" - Chalice Of Blood Angel
MEGASCAVENGER "Songs of flesh (part I)" - Selfmadegod
MORBID FUNERAL "Lord of demons" - Legion Of Death
THORNS OF HATE "Heretical dawn of apocalypse" - Blood Harvest

LPs - 
ACROSTICHON "Engraved in black" - Doomentia 
"Watcher's reign" DLP - Iron Bonehead 
BANISHED FROM INFERNO "Minotaur" - Black Mass  
BLACK VUL DESTRUKTOR "Beyond time and portals of death" - Blood Harvest 
BLESSED OFFAL "Dreaming dark dementia" - Blood Harvest
BOTTOM FEEDER "Grinding teeth" - Raw Birth/Crucificados 
CTHONIC AURA "Abyssic reflections in slumber" - Me Saco Un Ojo 
COITUS DIABOLI "Attakking Jehovah" - Chalice Of Blood Angel 
DEMONS GATE "s/t" - Iron Bonehead 
DRAWN AND QUARTERED "Feeding hell's furnace" - Nuclear Winter
DYING EMBRACE "Era of tribulation" - Armée De La Mort 
ECTOVOID "Fractured in the timeless abyss" - Blood Harvest 
EREBUS ENTHRONED / BLAZE OF PERDITION ‎"Accession of fire" split 10" - Pagan 
FALLEN ANGEL "Demo 92/92" - Serpent Pulse (black vinyl) 
FALLEN ANGEL "Demo 92/92" - Serpent Pulse (clear vinyl)
FALSE PROPHET "Second death" - DLP - Blood Harvest
GENERAL SURGERY "A collection of depravation" DLP - FDA
GOREPHILIA "Embodiment of death" - Me Saco Un Ojo 
GRAVE "Exhumed" DLP - Animate
HADES ARCHER "The curse over mankind" - Blood Harvest 
IMPRECATION "Satanae tenebris infinita" - Dark Descent 
IGNIVOMOUS "Contragenesis" - Nuclear War Now
INFERNAL CURSE "Awakening of the damned" - Chalice Of Blood Angel 
INIQUITY "Entering deception / Promo 93" - Serpent Pulse (black vinyl) 
INIQUITY "Entering deception / Promo 93" - Serpent Pulse (swirl vinyl) 
INSANE "Interment of life" - Bifrost 
KETZER "Endzeit Metropolis" - Iron Bonehead 
KILL "No catharsis" - Burning Churches/Obscure Abhorrence 
KRATHERION "Necrouroboros XXXIII" - Blood Harvest 
LANTERN "Below" - Dark Descent  
LIE IN RUINS "Swallowed by the void" - Nuclear Winter
LOBOTOMIZED "Norwegian trash - AER
MASTER OF CRUELTY "Spit on the holy grail" - Blood Harvest
MORDBRAND / BOMBS OF HADES split 10" - Bifrost/Carnal 
MYSTIFIER "The world is so good that who made it doesn't live here" - Iron Bonehead/NWN
NECROHOLOCAUST / SATANIK GOAT RITUAL split 10” - Chalice Of Blood Angel
NECROMANCY "Ananta aradhana" - Psychedelic Lotus
NECROSADIST "Abstract Satan" - Blood Harvest
NECROSEMEN "And all shall be smitten by fyre" - Blood Harvest 
NECROVATION "Ovations to putrefaction" - Serpent Pulse
NOCTURNAL VOMIT "Cursed relics" - Imperium/Terror From Hel
OGDRU JAHAD "I" - Iron Bonehead 
ORATOR "Kapalgnosis" - Armée De La Mort 
POISONOUS "Perdition's den" - Blood Harvest
RAZOR OF OCCAM "Homage to martyrs" - Iron Bonehead 
REVOLTING "In grisly rapture" - FDA 
ROTTING CHRIST "Pasage to Arcturo" - Floga 
SADOGOAT "Cultus capriea ebrositatis" DLP - Ancient Darkness
SAMAEL "Blood ritual" - Floga 
SANGUIS IMPEREM "In glory we march towards our doom" - Hells Headbangers/Iron Bonehead 
SEPULCRAL "Anthropophagy of doom" - Terror From Hell/Unholy Domain
SEPULCHRAL TEMPLE "s/t" one sided 12"  - Iron Bonehead
SERPENT ASCENDING "The enigma unsettled" - Blood Harvest 
SHROUD OF THE HERETIC "s/t" - Blood Harvest 
SODOMIZER "More horror and death" - Iron Bonehead
TEITANFYRE "Morbid death's sceptre" - Blood Harvest
TEMPLE BELOW "Dies irae" - Blood Harvest
TERRORIZER "Hordes of zombies" LP/flexi 7" - Animate
THRONEUM "Death throne entities" - Pagan

THRONEUM "Mutiny if death" - Pagan
TYRANT GOATGALDRAKONA "Sign of Moloch" -  Blood Harvest
UNHOLY LUST "Taste the sin through the fire" -  Blood Harvest
UNLEASHED "Viking raids" DLP - Animate 
USIPIAN "Dead corner of the eye" - Serpent Pulse (black vinyl)
USIPIAN "Dead corner of the eye" - Serpent Pulse (yellow vinyl)
WEAPON "From the Devil's tomb" DLP - Agonia
"Sun of Moloch" - Nuclear War Now 
"Empyreal regimes" - Blood Harvest
ÆVANGELIST "De masticatione mortuorum in tumulis" DLP - Blood Harvest
V/A - BEER EXTERMINATION CAMP - Iron Bonehead (feat. Baphomet's Blood, Deiphago, Nocturnal, Blasphemophagher etc)

ALTARS / HEAVING EARTH split - Nihilistic Holocaust
CENTINEX "Malleus maleficarum" - Nucler Winter
CURSE "Spawn of hatred " - Bifrost
DEMONIC OATH "Crypt of mournful summoning" - Impious Desecration  
DIBOLICAL MESSIAH "Diabolical attack" - Unholy Domain 
EXTRAKT "Extreme brutality - Bifrost
INSANE "Hollow death " - Bifrost
MALICIOUS "Mental illness" - Me Saco Un Ojo  
MASADA "Hideous rot" - Serpent Eve
RAGING STEEL "Necromancer" - Bifrost
REVERIE "First reverie" - Serpent Pulse
WITCH BLADE "s/t" - Bifrost
WÜRM'S TONGUE "Fungi from Yuggoth" - Silver Key
V/A - THROUGH THE GATE OF THE SILVER KEY - Silver Key/Phlegm (feat. Fallen Angel, Offerkult, Luciation etc)

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Saturday, November 12, 2011


All material for the upcoming FALLEN ANGEL Demo LP arrived in the mail today! We plan on sending this to the pressing plant within the next few days and aim at an early 2012 release date. More news coming up.